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Top 10 iPhone case designs

From Campaign Magazine

A good mobile casing speaks volumes for the handset's owner. It represents the person’s personality like fashion. This week, we look at some of the more interesting case designs for the iPhone.

Top 10 iPhone case designs

Grove is a five-person team that hand make cases based in Oregon, US. All the products are made with 100 per cent Moso bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. Say no to plastic and join the eco-friendly club.

Moleskine notebook is nerdy but romantic. An iPhone case can be, too. Pan&Quill has designed The Little Black Book that disguises the phone as a pocket notebook. The interior is a hand-crafted wooden frame. The company is based in Minneapolis.

Want a phone that always looks delicious? iMeshi Japanese Food has created covers that looks like food in a Japanese bento box. It will surely be a conversation starter. The cases are available at Strapya-World.

Tuch’s handmade leather casing is a minimalist. Zero stitches, glue or adhesives. The case can also function as a wallet, giving slotting spaces for cards and cash. Very handsome indeed. Avaliable for iPad, too.

Quirky is a design and innovative idea company in New York. The Tilt Case for iPhone is perhaps less sexy than the others, but it is built in extras based on consumer insights. The sides of the case are indented to easily wrap headphone cords and easy holding, and the flip-out stands at the back.

Trexta’s Sketch Up brings design and imagination back to scratch. The whole case uses recycled materials. It is a plastic case with a brown paper exterior for users to draw anything on it. So far, they only manufacture for the iPhone 3.

iTape Deck brings people back to the good old days of cassette tapes. It has a soft silicon exterior and using the tape casing as a stand. The cassette does look very real especially when the headphones are plugged in.

Portugal designer Bruno Fosi has designed a prototype iPhone case for sight-impaired users. The silicon case has tactile logos, icons and characters that opens a very different ‘touch-screen’ experience.

How about a case that costs much, much more than the phone itself? Designer Stuart Hughes has created a two of its kind iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition. Price: US$8 million. The case is made with rose gold, more than 553 diamonds, and a 7.4-carat pink diamond.

If not, one can get a case for just US$0.99. Case-Mate has created this ‘recession’ case for people on a budget. It is a cardboard case specially designed for iPhone, and the shipping comes with a free Sharpie-script pen.

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