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Consumer Insight Part 1 -- Not All Women Love Pink

Just because it's pink, it doesn't mean a woman will lap it up. That's one thing I picked up and clearly agreed with, reading AdEdge's "Women Power" edition's cover story, "Ad Pros Share Thoughts On What A Woman Wants."

The whole article itself is a minefield of strategy open secrets, and article author Ida Torres was on the money with the concept and the gems in the article.

Since it's the one that caught my eye in particular, let me share my thoughts on that specific point. In the article, it was under point #5 -- "Not all women like pink."

I totally agree because being both a pink and a mobile phone aficionado, there was a certain phone that I totally got disappointed with. For delicadeza's sake, let's just say that it's one of the biggest brands among the Philippine mobile phone players.

The cellphone, marketed to be a woman's quintessential girly phone, had a few things right: it was cute, it was adorable, and it was PINK. They also threw in a few things that could have attracted a good crowd: the chose a wholesome, pretty, endorser, and they gave it sufficient publicity in the broadsheets. I caught one interview of the endorser that highlighted the gadget, and it was a good, catchy read.

However, the company got a few things fatally wrong: the machine lacked bang for the buck.

Being a cellphone aficionado, I actually patronize the company. I have a growing number of brochures from them (I collect every time they update), and I habitually pick up a phone that catches my fancy from them. In fact, I have a cute purple low-end QWERTY phone from them. But the moment I picked up the pink phone in question, while I was in glee at its shine and shimmer, I got a little disappointed when I really thought about and considered the phone's specs.

For one, this is the age of the WiFi and TV phone. Another phone half the pink phone's original price would have both WiFi and TV already. If you are one to take risks on a China Phone with WiFi and TV, it's more than worth its price.

Then, when I played with the phone's features, it just couldn't justify the price. At the time it first came out on the market, it cost as much, or even more than the company's triple sim with WiFi and TV model. So if you were a sensible girl, you'd have to tear your heart off the pink factor, steel yourself to let go of the plaything err gadget, and move on to a more sensible buy.

Nowadays, the company has since slashed the phone's value in half, and it's pretty much worth what you'll pay for. Only, don't expect a TV or WiFi or other bells and whistles. You'll just get a cute pink touch screen phone that slides into a neat little square package and that's that. Oh and if you're regular with your period, there's a period tracker.

The point of my whole discussion is that: Ladies nowadays are almost as mercenary with their purchases as the regular guy. Well, not all of us have the steel and the discipline to amble through an aisle of our favorite things and not be able to pick up even one small thing, but when it comes to things that really matter for us, we are looking for what would give our peso or dollar the most value it could give out.

That being said, if you're here on this blog looking for a great angle into a female consumer's mind or heart, here's a tip: include pink in your product's palette, that's a given. BUT, back up your pink with the product's value. See if the other offerings in the market have more bang for the buck. Splash pink all over the female consumer's ideal, offer other colors, and you've got it!

Here is Consumer Insight Part 2 -- Of Rainbow Colors And Other Irrational Angles.

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