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Retirement 101 : Do You Have a Clear Shot at The Top?

Loads of books have been written about women getting to the top. These are all nice reads. The question remains though, "How do you actually do it?".

I have a simple proposition - in fact, the proposition is too simple that it escapes women,...busy women,...PinayMediaPlanners.

Simply check if you have a clear shot at the top. It's just like playing basketball. Is there an opening to take the three point shot?

In stating that "Do You Have a Clear Shot at The Top?", this does not necessarily denote that we are talking about the top-Top, as in the levels of the goddesses. We can take it a little lower to the simple Media Director or AVP level, where the career bottleneck usually is. Hence, not the top-TOP but the immediate-TOP.

Take into consideration a few simple things. How many people are headed to the top? How long will the 'person at the top' stay there? What are her options? Girl, you have to silently listen to what she's saying in the pantry. From then you'd know if there's a clear shot. Is she moving up or moving elsewhere?

Next, granting that the person at the top is moving on, who else is going for that vacant space. As that space is vacated, one has to ask herself, "Am I the favored one?". Hey, don't forget, this is the Philippines and this is how it really works. Sadly.

If you are feeling frustrated by the glass ceiling, if you feel stuck and can't figure out why you can't get further in your career ambitions, this is where it begins. Asking the question:

Do I Have a Clear Shot at The Top?

Lloyd Tronco shares insights from his blog, "blindsided".

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