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Skin And Health Tips For Summer 2011

While we're on the topic of Summer 2011, I'd like to share a few skin care and health tips for dealing with the changing weather:

1. A great sunscreen-laced moisturizer is your best friend. With the unpredictable weather, either the cold winds or the harsh sun may be drying to your skin. Thus, to keep your skin smooth and supple, keep it moisturized using your choice of skin care creams and lotions that have an SPF of 15 and up.

2. Drink a lot of water. As they say, 8 glasses of water a day, right? But as the heat strips our bodies of moisture by making us sweat things out, drink more to ensure that you keep hydrated. Not only is the skin affected by the dehydration, but dehydration is also a cause of lack of focus or concentration, fatigue, weakness, among other symptoms. So make sure you keep a bottle of water handy.

3. Cut your whitening regimens this summer. Yes, we understand that you absolutely want to have glowing white skin. However, let's face the fact that glowing white skin will only expose your body to UV Rays that will harm you. Melanin is there not only to make you look dark, but to actually protect you from the harmful Ultraviolet radiation from the sun. So skip the Glutathione for now and let yourself get dark, at least, for a couple of months.

4. Use sunblock and accessories to protect yourself from the sun. Since the summer is when the sun's heat is harsher than the usual, make sure that you don't get sunburnt by wearing sunblock lotion with SPF of at least 30. Then cover up with an umbrella and scarves. If you're comfortable wearing them, cool wide-brimmed hats are also a great idea.

The heat is on this summer, odd rainshowers and storms and cloudy days notwithstanding. Enjoy the sunshiny summer months!

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