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Vacation Ideas for Summer 2011 Part 1 - Surigao And Bohol

You can feel it in the air. Summer, that is. Despite the fact that we've had an odd, cold and rainy February, the Summer heat has been breaking through this March. So as the summer months approach, where should we be heading to catch a break from the craziness of life?

There's Baguio, Batangas, and Puerto Galera, as usual. For those who can afford it, Boracay is another option. For others, there may be Palawan, Cebu and Davao, with Pearl Farm high up on people's lists. But there may be a couple of destinations that could be worth more than what you'll pay for.

Surigao del Sur has a couple of water bodies that have earned their badges as tourist destinations: Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls.

Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City has been called "The Niagara of the Philipines." It's the widest river in the country, and its symmetry is a sight to behold. It has three levels of falls, and it is said that Tinuy-an Falls is graced with a rainbow that appears from 9AM to 11AM.

Enchanted River (photo featured in this post) is also another attraction. Surrounded by fascinating stories of the supernatural and the uncanny, even on its own, the waters are already a sight to behold. According to a friend, the water sparkles. What's more is that the tour seems to be very affordable. In this review of a trip to both Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River, their tour cost only Php 1,350. So if you're going to visit Davao this summer, take a side trip to Surigao and explore the magical waters of the Enchanted River.

Another great place to go to is Bohol. Aside from the Chocolate Hills, the Tarsiers and the beaches, there are two places you definitely should go to: Loboc Eco-Tourism Adventure Park and Bee Farm. While Loboc is more famous for its river cruises, it is little known that they have a new Adventure Park which features a cable car ride and a zip line. The zip line overlooks the breathtaking Loboc River. So when you zip down the zip line cable, this is the scene that will greet you:

View Of Loboc River From The Cable Car Ride By Lis Sunio

You have a choice of just taking a cable car ride (2 rides, back and forth) for Php 250 or a zip line session (back and forth also) for Php 350, or you could have the Combo Ride, which allows you to take 1 zip line trip and 1 cable car ride, at Php 350. We took the Combo Ride and it was absolutely worth it!

The Bohol Bee Farm, on the other hand, is an organic farm with a great restaurant. There are recreation areas, the bee farm itself, and gardens of organic vegetables and even spices. You may take a tour with an informative guide on the Bee Farm's features. The Bee Farm also has a swimming area lined with Mangrove Trees, but is only open to guests who have checked in to stay in their inn.

The food is wonderful and unique. If you go there just for the food, it's all worth it. Don't forget to try their signature blend of ice cream!

Bohol is actually a traveler's place in itself. If you'd want to go to just one place for the summer and explore it all you like, Bohol is pretty much the place to be.

Be adventurous this summer! Take a trip to places you've never been to, we've given you two great leads here. :) Thanks to lower fares from airlines like Cebu Pacific Air and Zest Air, your dream summer vacation is just around the corner.

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