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Vacation Ideas for Summer 2011 Part 3 - Isla Naburot and Camp Alfredo, Guimaras Island

In yesterday's post, we talked about Alubihod Beach in Guimaras Island, as well as visiting the Trappist Monastery for some rest and reflection. Today, we'll talk about Isla Naburot, which is also in Guimaras Island, as well as a new adventure that the island has to offer.

Isla Naburot is possible one of this island's better-kept secrets. Although to keep this resort a secret beats me. If you love food and you love peace and quiet, and if you'd love to leave all your gadgets as well as your connection to the outside world behind for a few days, then Isla Naburot is the haven for you.

Isla Naburot isn't about the sands nor the nightlife. Isla Naburot is your go-to destination for delicious island delicacies, even as you rest, relax and not care about being connected.

It is a private island resort owned and managed by an Ilonggo family.

The reviews of Isla Naburot are equivocal. As they say, it's all about the food:

I had heard about Isla Naburot many times in the past. It’s different, they’d say. No electricity, not even a pesky sounding generator. Just kerosene lamps at night. The cottages recycled from old wooden floors. Really not much to do there. But the food, ah the food, is great, they’d all say.

We'll let their Multiply website and this chronicle of a visitor's first-hand experience give the island gustatory paradise the descriptive justice it deserves.

A new feature of Guimaras attempts to rival the adventures that you can have in Loboc Adventure Park in Bohol: The Zip Line.

For Ilonggos who are thinking of great places to go to this Summer 2011, you don't need to think about a destination farther than Guimaras. In fairness, it's closer to Iloilo City, and far cheaper than Boracay. And if you're a Manileño or a Talonggo thinking about going back home this summer, here's one more activity to keep you from getting bored. If you love extreme sports, taking a whoosh down a zipline can be your happy moment.

The Zip Line is located in Camp Alfredo in Brgy. Ravina, Guimaras Island.

For details, you can link-hop over to Flavours of Iloilo's post on this exciting island adventure, or its official Facebook Page:

This concludes our specials on Guimaras Island. Next week, it's Sagada and Ilocos, beybeh!

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