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Work-Life Balance Part 4 - Application: How To Achieve Work-Life Balance

We've just outlined Work-Life Balance by defining what Work is and what our attitude should be towards work. We've also defined what Work-Life Balance is supposed to be. Then we gave you the heart of Work-Life Balance. Now, we're giving you how to apply it to your life and career.

This is a two-step process: evaluation and applying some possible solutions, if you really need to make adjustments.

We hope this would help you!

Practical Application -- Evaluation:

  1. Get a pen and paper, a whiteboard slate, or your friendly desktop Notepad software.
  2. List down what you'd rather do, if money were not an issue.
  3. List down the things that are important to you.
  4. List down the things that you dread on a Monday.
  5. Ask yourself if you look forward to Friday or Saturday.
  6. Ask yourself what's keeping you from doing the things you'd rather do if money were not an issue.
  7. Ask yourself if you're prioritizing the things that are important to you. If you're not doing that, ask yourself what's stopping you from prioritizing the important things.

Take a look at your answers and try to infer whether it's best for you to keep working at your job, or if you need to cut back on the hours, or change jobs altogether. Because if you keep seeing that your job seems to be killing you, if you see that your job is something you're not really happy doing, if you dread Mondays mostly because of your job, it means that you're Work and Life are not in Balance.

Practical Application -- Suggested Solutions:

  • Cut back on your hours. Ask yourself honestly, does your job really need to have you in the office for 15++ hours straight? If not, be disciplined and go home when the clock strikes 5 PM.
  • Change your work habits. If you find that you procrastinate the whole morning long, try new methods of working. The Pomodoro Technique has worked for a lot of people. So has the 30/30 Work Cycle.
  • Don't just KNOW what's important, LIVE OUT how important these things are to you. If your family is honestly a priority to you, then make sure that you choose them when push comes to shove. Turn off your work phone the moment you get home. Don't check email from your bedroom. Make your home a no-work zone. If you find that you don't really care about your wife and kids, why did you marry her and have them in the first place?
  • Make time for you. One of the most surprising lifehacks for productivity is to carve out time for oneself.

Work-life balance does not need to be made a struggle. We've outlined how you can make it work, now go and run with it!


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