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Beauty Tips -- How To Use Makeup For The Corporate Setting

Makeup. Most women who grew up boyish cannot relate to makeup. However, a career woman needs to look presentable, if not stunning, for work. Even those who are climbing the corporate ladder have to admit that beauty is an advantage if you're making your way up in stilettos. Makeup does not have to be perfect, it just has to work well with your look. Makeup has to complement the effect that you are aiming to project, especially if you're up for a presentation or a client meeting.

The best corporate makeup style would be a mix that would let your skin breathe, let you be at your best in terms of productivity, and yet let your natural beauty shine through. Here are our tips on how to get that perfect look:

1. Use a brand that's a good match for your skin. Just because it's expensive doesn't mean that it would work well with you. It may take a few tries to find the right brand, but once you do, you'll find that it was worth finding that great match. And when you do, stick to that brand of makeup, so that you won't get any acne or allergy outbreaks.

2. Understand that corporate makeup is different from party makeup. While most may quip, "But of course!" or "Common sense!" Well, have a bit of heart for the industry greenhorns. Most newbies in the field, especially in media and advertising, may get a little eager. There are individuals who happen to like a lot of glitter and shimmer in their makeup, and may get a little too enthusiastic. In the corporate world, "Less is more."

Honestly, clients and bosses barely care about the colors you're wearing. But we have to face the fact that clients are looking at the total package: They want to see meat in your presentations, BUT it would help pull them over to your side of the negotiation table IF the presentation was delivered by a visually pleasant package. That's just the way it is, ladies. We're not playing to chauvinism here; we're just being honest that the human psyche is hard-wired to soften up to beauty.

Anyway, in corporate makeup, skip the glitter, go for colors that highlight and flatter your best assets and strive for an overall clean but elegant and arresting look.

Something like this:

You may use lip color or eyeshadow palettes that have a bit of shimmer but take care to make the overall look subdued and elegant. The best barometer for how meeting-worthy your makeup would be is... Your dad. Try putting on makeup you plan to wear to a client meeting or corporate presentation and let your dad take a look and comment on it. If he approves, the look would be good to go.
3. Most importantly, make sure your skin can "breathe." Some makeup brands and types feel gooey and sticky on the skin. It's a little uncomfortable to work when you feel a little gooey on some areas of your face. Test the makeup you wear before you wear them to a meeting or to work. Make sure they feel light on your skin and that they don't make you feel funny enough to constrict your work.

When you get home from work, don't forget to take off your makeup using makeup removers such as Pond's Cold Cream or other organic and mineral alternatives. A great organic makeup remover is Human Heart Nature's Sunflower Cleansing Oil. Not removing makeup will clog your pores and cause breakouts. It's been the cause of many a girl's skin problems.

Taste and style in corporate makeup has to be hovering within the range of Elegant, No-nonsense and yet have a hint of Striking. We hope our tips would help you make the most out of your makeup collection!

Take a look at some examples of corporate women with makeup. The common way to achieve the look is through the use of subdude, even nude colors. The "Smoky Eye" helps achieve a striking look, the pale looks make for a fresh, no-nonsense look. Red lipstick makes you look confident, but could make the look too strong or intimidating.

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