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Cashflow Game: More Basic Gameplay

This is the continuation of the introduction to the Cashflow game.

Previously, we talked about what the game is all about, and how it is to play it. Here are more of the elements and squares that are found in the game.

The Baby square gives you just that: A Baby to add to your expenses. There is a limit of only three Babies per player. So when you hit the third Baby, all other landings to that square won't have any effect on your budget any more. You could only "graduate" from spending on your Baby when you land on a Doodad square and are given the chance to pay for your kid's wedding.

Downsized. The square nobody would like to land on. This gives you exactly what it's named after: getting Downsized. When you get Downsized, you will lose 3 turns and then not get an income. In spite of that, you also need to pay all your expenses, which would be deducted from your Cash On Hand or may necessitate that you get a loan from the bank.

The game has other aspects that you need to look into: there is the Bank, where you can get loans or pay your old loans and debts, and there is your list of assets and liabilities, income and expenses. There you can monitor how much you have and what you can sell.

Whenever you acquire or sell assets, you will be given a form to balance. On the computer, there are forms you can click through, while on the board game there are paper forms to use and pencils that come with the set. This way, you will get to manage your cash flow: Money going in vs. money coming out.

In Cashflow 202, there are just a few differences. The Small Deal stack is called Cashflow Deal, while the Big Deal stack is called Capital Gains Deal. Cashflow Deal has the real estate and small business items. As a new feature in Cashflow 202, Cashflow Deal also includes MLM business deals as well as Royalty items. Inside the Capital Gains Deal stack are the stocks, mutual funds, and in this installment, time-sensitive Options. For a set number of turns, your stocks and options can be sold at a certain amount. Major real estate and big businesses are also on Capital Gains Deal.

Cashflow 202 also has the objective of graduating from the Rat Race then get onto the Fast Lane.

Once you get the hang of playing Cashflow 101, you'll find that it's equally easy to understand the mechanics of Cashflow 202. It's not quite Monopoly, that's what I can say.

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