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Cutting Costs The Fun Way

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A good majority of Filipinos believe that there's no hope for getting wealthy in these shores. That is why a whopping 12 Million Filipinos are working abroad. However, we here at Pinay Media Planner are of the belief that the Philippines is on the rise. Not only that, given skills, a hardworking Pinoy can and will get wealthy even if he chooses to "just" stay here.

The key thing is to be able to live within one's means. Pinoy Retirement Rx has a good peek into the mid-range earner's budget. Those in their 20's to 30's can probably relate to the sample budget that was quoted in the post. There will be deviations, as there are young professionals and young media planners who can manage their money well. But for most who cannot get out of the debt cycle, the budget illustrated may be representative of how their finances look.

That is why the need to be able to live a frugal lifestyle is a MUST. There are good ways to cut corners, even in the most minuscule parts of one's budget. We have here a list from the big components to the smallest:

The Big Stuff:

  • Just because the condo or the apartment looks compelling to buy or to rent doesn't mean that you have to be okay with the exorbitant price. Scout around for alternatives. Chances are, someone else may be selling or leasing a similar condo for a cheaper rate.
  • If you're renting, don't hesitate to get roommates. Until you get married, you should be saving the most that you can in order to prepare for your retirement.

The Mid-sized Stuff:

  • You really don't need to have all your stuff from Zara, Girbaud or Chanel. You may find that fashion is a matter of taste and elegance. Plus, even the most famous Philippine stars wear Ukay, too.
  • It's been a weird year, in terms of weather, so far. It's already April and yet it isn't as hot as it used to be. So turn off the air conditioning and just get an industrial fan. Personally, I find that the white noise it produces is very relaxing.

The Small Stuff:

  • If you're the hand sanitizer or ethyl alcohol buff, try keeping your stock of alcohol in an atomizer instead of its original packaging. You'll find that you'll be able to stretch your stock of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol.
  • Are you the note-taker type? Skip the notebook and get a few whiteboard tablets instead. You'll not only save your budget for paper products, you'll also save a few trees.

Being frugal doesn't need to be a dreadful chore. All you have to do is to get creative and find ways to save. Enjoy your journey to amassing your retirement fund!

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