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How To Deal With Mondays

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Mondays are probably the most dreaded days of the year for many an employee. Mondays signal the end of the weekend, and the start of another harrowing week. Thus, most people would rather stay under the covers, preferring to ignore the fact that Monday has come and they have to get ready for another workweek.

Maybe it starts way earlier than that. Maybe most of us have been conditioned to dread Mondays right from the time we started school and needed to by a schedule.

But as they say, you can't fix the past. You can only move forward and deal with it. So, here are our suggestions on how to deal with your Monday:
  1. Create a pleasurable ritual that you'll do for yourself, week in, week out, every Monday. Wake up early if you need to, so that you can get to work on time. Do you love aromatherapy candles and oils? Maybe you can wake up at around 5AM and soak in a sweet-smelling bath. Bergamot and citrus scents work very well in giving you a mild jolt. The scent of apple, or even eating an apple also does the same thing. If you don't have a tub to soak in, you could also try filling your shower with the scents of citrus fruits. Keep a couple of oil burners or some candles and drink in the energizing scents early in your Monday.
  2. Get moving as soon as you wake up. When you kick-start your day by making your body move as soon as you wake up, you not only get the momentum you need for your day, like a spark plug, movement will cause your body to kick into gear.
  3. Take a different route. If your commute to work always takes you through traffic, why don't you take a longer route? It may take the same amount of time to get to work anyway. If the longer route is less congested and incidentally more scenic, you may be able to take the edge off of commuting to work.
On the whole, the idea is to associate your Mondays with something pleasurable. That way, you'll stop dreading going to work Mondays and instead be excited to start your week right. Happy Easter Monday!

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