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Observations Of Philippine Corporate Culture Part 3 - Gleanings

We're discussing about Philippine corporate cultures and their differences. Here we wrap up the series with our gleanings from these three worlds.

Government Agencies. I believe that the government should trim down its manpower. Most of the people they employ are useless underachievers. They should have a stricter hiring process and less emphasis on tenure and more emphasis on productivity and the worker's capacity to contribute to the agency. The inconvenience of Civil Service protection is ever-present, however, and realistically, Philippine laws have to be changed in order to shape up the bloated Philippine government workforce. Either that or a stricter rewards and punishment system should be imposed upon the workers.

The government agency's culture may have an upside: it could be great for moonlighters. You get a monthly salary as long as you're present, and if you get bored working on your government office tasks, you can always work on your moonlighting tasks surreptitiously on government time. That is, if you have the same work ethic and lack of conscience as the rest of the people in the office you're in.

But if you have a heart for excellence and you're in government, be the exception. Work on your tasks, finish them ahead of time, and give the Philippine government more than what they pay you for.

Private Agencies. To me, I believe the corporate culture of private agencies are the best for work-life balance. You get to practice discipline in an environment that encourages it, while still having breathing room for making friends with your officemates, playing an occasional game of solitaire when you're too pressured to think, or the freedom to make trips to the cafeteria for snacks. If you find a company that's a good fit for you, working for the Philippines' private sector could be a fulfilling decision.

The Business Process Outsourcing industry presents the most rigid of work environments. Given a corporate life lived in a work space of 1 meter x 1 meter or less, one which you share with other people from different shifts, limited breaks, and strict attendance rules, one would not be surprised why the BPO industry's attrition rate is so high. A lot of people may not be able to handle the stringent demands and conditions of the industry. It does have one thing going for it: it forces a person to get disciplined, consistent and to have integrity. And you get a higher than average salary as well. If you're the type who wants to get lessons in character while being paid a lucrative salary while you're at it, then the BPO industry could be for you.

Each work arena has its own downsides, and each has its perks. Which one appeals to your personal development best? Which one appeals to your conscience? Which one would get you to your life goals in a faster, more focused manner? We've laid out our impressions for you. Now you decide.

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