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Of Love And Wholeness: Finding Mr. Right, The Right Way

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We continue the discussion on a woman's desire to find Mr. Right.

2. Understand that if you're not perfect, no man out there is Mr. Perfect, either. Preacher David Pawson tells the people he marries, "You're incompatible." Hollywood is feeding us a bunch of doo-doo. There is no man that can be so considerate as Henry was to Lucy of 50 First Dates, day in, day out, like clockwork. Men will have their disgusting moments, as you do. So get real and understand that as different is your thumb from your pointer finger, that's how different two people will be. And because of these differences, you both will have to constantly work through each others' innate incompatibilities.

3. If you're looking for Mr. Right, the man who could help you raise your children the right way, he won't be found in the bars. If you got one from the bar and you wonder, 5 years down the line why he won't quit drinking, think back to the night you first met. There you have your answer.

Most women who are looking to settle down are looking for men who share their values and can be a good (if not great) father to their children. And men who are ready to settle down are tired of partying and the hedonistic life.

As Pastor Robert Hern Jr. once preached, if you want to find someone who is good for marriage and a family life, you'll find him seeking God.

A woman's worth is not centered on the discovery and acquisition of the perfect man. In fact, I dare say that a woman's worth is centered on the discovery and the definition of her God.

As you discover God and allow Him to define you, your identity gets redefined and eventually gets cemented. No longer will you anchor your confidence on what you can achieve. No longer will you anchor your confidence on whether you can find and keep a man. You will live and just be; confident that there is a God who loves you and is your Rock.

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