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What Drives You?

I'm not sure where it started, but I could remember that it was the book, "Purpose-Driven Life" by Rick Warren that started the movement for me. Prior to that book, I was just thinking along the lines of, "get through high school, go to top Philippine University, get a high-paying kick-butt job that would make me rich and famous." When that book became a fad in the Philippines, it got me to sit down and reassess what it meant to live my life.

Starting from that book, I noticed other authors started to publish other books on living life with purpose and passion. And nowadays, the theme is that, "If you don't love what you do, if you're not passionate about it, why are you doing that, in the first place?"

This is not just a rallying call to leave a dead-end job. It's the rallying call to figure out your dreams, understand your purpose while you're still young, and hold that fire in your heart and pursue it with all of who you are, despite the setbacks, and no matter what the cost.

I believe that passion is what drives someone to be the best he or she can be. Passion is what keeps someone going, in spite of the setbacks. Passion is what would take someone up to higher levels in his life.

But passion without direction could become just a useless drive.

In order to win in life, one needs more than passion. One needs Purpose first. Then Passion, and finally, Perseverance.

Purpose - is what would direct and guide you through navigating your life. It enables you to make informed, direction-oriented choices that would lead you to exactly where you want to go.

Passion - is the power and the fuel of a person as he lives out his purpose. It's what would get him going, even when the setbacks come.

Perseverance - Sometimes, Passion is not enough to keep one going through duress. We have to admit, life throws constant curveballs at us, and unless we have steel guts to keep going, we may never get past the hard patches. When the Passion dies down, it is time to Persevere.

These three, for me, are the key ingredients to getting through life with flying colors.


This post was inspired by fuel.ph, a marketing campaign and movement created by the same brilliant mind behind Quirky Cloud. Fuel.ph, on a cursory glance, is about investing in one's passion, investing in one's community in order to make it progress. For now, the details are vague, and if you think about it, the mystery adds hype to the campaign. Brilliant, and you gotta admire the kid for that.

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