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Foxconn: Conditions That Drive Workers To Death?

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Foxconn, the manufacturer of Apple products' parts, had rocked the headlines lately because of a blast in its China plant. It is not the first time Foxconn made the news, however. Since last year, Foxconn had already been in hot water because of the deaths of its workers. Some, with evidence of possible foul play, and others, by suicide with barely a clue as to their motivations. Despite its commercial and business success, Foxconn as a company makes you wonder what exactly they do that drives their employees to desperate measures such as those.

In this article, it says that employees do admit that working for Foxconn is a whole lot better than working for other factories in China, by far. However, it also says that Foxconn discourages social interaction among its workers, and that their work station arrangement is definitely not conducive to workers forming friendships.

While we can speculate that that is among the reasons why its workers had slid into depression then driven to suicide, there is also the hint that workers took their lives as a pragmatic move: with their suicides will reportedly come remuneration for their families. And that remuneration would be worth more than they ever will expect to earn in their lifetimes.

In my opinion, this matter is made up of quite a few issues:

  1. People working in depression-inducing conditions is something that should not be condoned in companies.
  2. It is sad how money could be a possible motivation for people valuing their lives a lot less than they really should.

Reading up on this matter has certainly opened my eyes to:

  1. How fortunate we are as a people! Despite the fact that a lot of our countrymen lament our economic conditions, let's face it: we do not work in conditions such as the factory workers in China do.
  2. How money, or the lack of it, or even the desire to give it to our loved ones could actually drive some people to desperate measures.
  3. How valuable the human life is. It should never be exchanged for lame reasons. Even providing for one's family is a relatively lame reason for taking one's life. In fact, any reason is a lame reason to kill somebody else, much more killing oneself.

Desperate situations do not necessarily warrant desperate measures. Even if you're in deep debt, you should never even consider suicide. In fact, if you're in deep debt, see it as a chance to overcome that! There are solutions, and with patience, perseverance, and prayers, you will conquer your situation.

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