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Independence Day 1: Your Survival Guide To Moving Out Of Your Parents' Home

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Like a bird that got tossed out of its nest, a young urban professional, a yuppie, prepares for a new phase in life when he or she decides to live independently. For those who have tried living on their own as a dorm or boarding house resident, the adjustment may not be as tough. But for those who have lived with their parents their whole life long, it may be a little tougher to shift to the independent life.
So we at Pinay Media Planner, inspired by our previous Survival Kit pieces, would like to give you a crash course in going independent.

1. First, the house. Of course you need to find a house. What can you afford? A condo? A studio-type apartment? A townhouse-type building? A room in a dormitory? A room in a house converted into a rental facility? Can you share a room with other people? Do you feel comfortable sharing a room or an apartment with other people?

Times are tough, but it depends on your job and your comfort level as to what type of abode you would like to start with. If you realize you can't live with roommates, make sure you can actually afford a room of your own. If you feel like you need to build financial momentum for a while until you can make the downpayment on a condo, grin and bear living with your folks for a bit more. Some things are worth waiting for.

2. Next, the food. Let's face it, nobody will be able to cook like your mom. Or your resident cook. You will have to either learn how to cook, or live on fastfood or carinderia fare. Buyer beware on the carinderia fare: If it looks scary to eat, it probably really is. Prefer to learn how to cook than to live on street fastfood. Real fastfood like Jollibee, McDo and Burger King can add up. And what could pay for your condo or your next gadget could very well go down the drain of fastfood.

3. Logistics. When you move, make sure that you have either asked your resident driver to help you out on it, called a moving service, or better yet, to be able to save, approach a jeepney driver on his break and ask him his rate for moving stuff (lipat-bahay). Chances are, you'll be able to save with hiring a jeepney driver than to have a moving service do it for you.

What we have here is just Part 1! There's more to spreading your wings and preparing to fly. If I had a guide to living on my own when I started out, I'd have been grateful. But as it is, this is me, paying it forward to the yuppies out there who may need a checklist to start with. Here's to independence!

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