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Misconceptions About The Single Life

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A lot of harried wives balance 2 to 4 kids, a career and making sure their marriage doesn't fall apart. Some of these harried wives not only have these on their plate, but they're also very active in church and may have meetings to attend and volunteer work to accomplish. Because of their very busy schedules, finding time to be with themselves, contemplate, meditate and talk to God is a luxury for them. They may, in fact, feel that their single counterparts have the privilege of enjoying more time for themselves compared to them.

This post is to debunk that myth. If you're single and living alone, raise your hands. Represent (I'm single, and I'm living alone). If you're single and living with girl roommates, raise your hands. And if you're single and living with your life partner, that's fine, too.

I have to be honest that I totally resent this misconception that I have more time on my hands. Juggling a career, making sure my house is livable, as well as watching my laundry pile up are worries that eat at my brain. I also see friends who are of the same age range (25 to 35) live far more stressful lives. A gal pal with a high-prestige job sometimes finds herself eating takeout at the office at 1AM finishing some loose ends or managing a work-related crisis. Another gal pal who's married but has no kids lives a fast-paced life with TV cameos on some days, 48-hour workdays on other days, travel trips the whole year round, among other Livin' La Vida Loca activities.

Some of the career ladies in Manila juggle not only high-powered jobs and managing their single-life or childless-life households, they also need to factor in media appearances, blogging events, and even volunteer work for their pet causes. The single lady is not so idle, after all.

Let's drop the variables and just give the example of a single gal, living alone or with a roommate, with just a job and 24 hours to her name.

She has to put in:

  • 8 hours for sleep
  • 8 to 12 hours to work
  • 6 hours for other activities.

If she watches telenovelas for 3 hours a day, that's 3 hours left to chores and chilling either with herself or with buddies. If she takes another 2 hours to socialize, that's just 1 hour left to commute, eat, wash dishes among other things.

That brings me to the realization that if you're the type who is greedy about her time, you better make a substitution system for your activities. If you'd rather spend time with friends, sacrifice your telenovela-watching time instead. If you go to church and have church activities on the weekdays, mind your time and sacrifice the hours you spend on Facebook. We all have only 24 hours a day. We have to apportion it wisely.

So do you see now why we all are a harried lot? We book too many activities in one limited day. Moms have it worse, that's for sure. But single ladies have it tough, too. The point is, each season in life is great. Make the most out of it: what should you be learning from it, how could you maximize it, and enjoy it for what it's worth!

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