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Three Must-Have Soft Skills For The Pinay Media Planner

These three things are needed for a working girl to survive in any business setting. More so for the Media Planner and most other gals in advertising, who seem to need these things more than the average person.

Confidence -- Working with people from different backgrounds always requires a certain amount of confidence. Low self-esteem certainly shows in one's posture, even in one's facial expressions. Thus, learning how to build one's comfort level in the presence of different kinds of people is a must in this field. We'll tackle how to build your confidence more in the future.

Positive Attitude -- Confidence may be there, but positivity is something that needs to be cultivated for consistency. So many things may happen to deflate one's confidence, and so many people have the opportunity to hurt us with their words and actions. Learning how to weather life, whether it gives us good or bad things, is a skill one has to nurture and develop. There is also such a thing as arrogance, and it's the ugly side of confidence gone overboard. Learning how to stay in the happy middle, that perfect balance of things, is a must.

Discipline -- It's easy to abuse the resources one is given; however, the more that you abuse your time, money, and body, the faster it is to burn out. Worse, bankruptcy is also a real possibility, even in a high-paying field like advertising: Zara costs so much more than ukay-ukay, you know.

There are more character traits and soft skills that a Pinay Media Planner will have to have. Like the rest of life, it's really trial and error. The point is to not be too cautious so that you don't make mistakes. Rather, it's taking calculated risks in order to get a great shot at success, then learning from the burns when a crash-and-burn happens.

Here's to life. Here's to being a great Pinay Media Planner. Here's to YOU.


Photo Credits: Shenzhen Hongtat Arts & Crafts Co. Ltd.

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