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Happy Singles' Awareness Day To All The Single Media Planners Out There!

Last week, we discussed about the gems of life lessons that we can glean from Sheryl Sandberg. Today, we'll discuss three aspects of the life of a Pinay Media Planner, especially in the context of today's big event: Valentine's Day or, as it's been dubbed lately, Singles' Awareness Day.

The Singles' Life

Being single is a challenge that young Media Planners have to deal with. Some may be happily and contentedly single, but they may face the pressure from their friends and fam to find that "special someone." Others may be eagerly seeking out a romantic relationship that fills that deep human need for love.

Either way, here are tips on how to enjoy the Single Media Planner's Life:

Carve out time for yourself. Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do, as a media planner. Being in a fast-paced career is no excuse to let it drag you through its craziness. Have a firm NO, even to deadlines and that crazy "one more thing" on your organizer or calendar and make sure you stay sane, no matter what.

Carve out time for relationships. Whether it's with friends, family, or for communicating with a Higher Power, or if it's giving yourself time and opportunity to meet new people, give priority to this aspect of your life. Life is not all about work -- or placing that client's ad on the juiciest spot on EDSA. Life is about you and the people around you, first and foremost. And make sure it stays that way.

Make each event an adventure, an opportunity to meet colleagues and interesting people whose brains you can pick. See your career as an adventure, every day. We cannot deny that our careers will define a very huge chunk of who we are, so we might as well make the most out of it. A negative attitude towards one's career will only serve to ensure that we get kicked out of it. Thus, it's better to enjoy the highs of one's Media Planner career, and ride it to the hilt, like a wave to a surfer. As for the lows, hang in there, you'll get out of them eventually. Plus, what won't kill you will only make you a better Media Planner.

Life is not all about finding that "Special Someone," as Hollywood has led us to believe. One awesome source of self-worth is doing one's job well. Another is enjoying life really well. Love your job, love your life, and if "he" or "she" comes, well and great! If "he" or "she" comes a little later, so what? Enjoy life anyway!

Next up, a feature for the committed.


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