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Happy Valentine's Day To All Committed Media Planners!

More heart's day goodies up ahead!

We continue with the Valentine guides for the Single, the Committed, and the Family-Oriented Media Planners.

The Committed Media Planner's Life:

Still, The Cardinal Rule Is To Make Time. Make time for yourself, make time for relationships, make time to recharge. What use is a high-powered, fast-paced career if you end up giving it up in less than 2 years' time? Avoid burnout, recharge.

Start Setting Boundaries. One major career loophole for most people, regardless of the field, would be the lack of boundaries. Relationships crumble, marriages disintegrate and families get torn because of walls not being set into place. If you are, presentations, pitches and invoice deadlines aside, hopelessly in love and ready to head to the altar, know where you stand, and act accordingly.

Make Decisive Moves. If you recall, Sheryl Sandberg noted that the most important decision you can ever make in your career would be the partner you choose for life. Are you in a toxic long-term relationship? Assess if it's honestly worth carrying to the next level. If it isn't, maybe it's time to sever ties so you can grow. Sometimes, branches need to be pruned in order for a tree to bear fruit.

If it's a vibrant, happy, life-giving relationship, what are you waiting for? Level up and go get hitched!

Let's face it. We are human beings, never automatons. That is why Career is but a fraction of our selves. Let it stay that way and live an otherwise balanced life!


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