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Quick Thoughts From Gladys Basinillo - Carat CEO

"I realized that with convergence, globalization, ASEAN integration and open economy -- both international and local companies will have to continuously innovate to succeed. With data and technology driving rapid changes in the consumer behavior, the media ecosystem is simply exploding.

Marketers together with their partner agencies will have to spot the correct market trends and customer demand. Its both exciting and challenging for media agencies as we are expected to be the first to spot these trends for our clients. Plus we do have data :) insanely huge and powerful data sources.

My POV - It's no longer all about relationships, lower fees and lowest cost per spot. It's so much more than that - Digital, branded content, experiential marketing, econometrics, engagement, e-commerce and understanding the whole ecosystem. It's all about being a future proof media agency. Exciting. Daming kailangan pag isipan... "

Gladys Basinillo is the CEO of Carat.  She is still looking for a PA as of this writing.  Referrals please.

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