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Making It Happen

Kiana Valenciano, Mari Jasmine, and Mika Reyes on passion, self discovery, and a whole new world of new adventures

With vibrant personalities and energy that bounces off the walls, Kiana Valenciano, Mari Jasmine, and Mika Reyes instantly lit up the otherwise dull and dreary studio. Watching them frolic in the spotlight is a treat to everyone; an added bonus when Kiana would suddenly burst into a song mid-pose. We’re a captured audience.
Thriving in their own individual fields, Kiana in music, Mari in fashion, and Mika in sports, the three ladies have shown the world what they are capable of, but they assure you, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Pushing boundaries, speaking up, and challenging the norm—these are what they’re all about. And as they explore new adventures, discover new passions, and conquer the rest of the world with their wit, beauty, and talent, they provoke the status quo and express themselves with fearless passion.

This makes them the perfect trio to usher in CHARLES & KEITH’s latest campaign, #IAMWHOIAM, a celebration of true individuality.

The curious and carefree appeal of the youth sparks inspiration everywhere and sets the stage for CHARLES & KEITH’s newest fall collection. The line explores the theme of impulsiveness and creativity and highlights individuality in its purest form.

An obvious cut above the rest, the youth today, like Kiana, Mari, and Mika, wear their individuality on their sleeves.


Words: Louise Sicat. Photography: Nikki Ruiz Creative Makeup: Anthea Bueno (Mari Jasmin) Hair: Katrina Meijas (Mari Jasmin). Special Thanks to Salon Privat by Jing Monis and Smile Elephant Simply Thai

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