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PMP Throwback Thursday : Optimum Media Wins Nestle

Flashback 2003 - Nestlé awards its Media AOR assignment to Optimum Media. 

In a moved that stunned incumbent UniversalMcCann, Nestlé announced that it would shift planning and buying duties to the new media hot shop,
Optimum Media Philippines (OMP)

The year 2003 will be remembered as the year of the stellar rise of Optimum Media when it bagged a significant share of the media advertising business in the country only six months after starting operations.  In a short span of time, OMP  won 21 clients including a plum prize in December of the AOR assignment of Smart Communications.

As 2004 opened and with the growing client list, the estimated billings of Optimum Media thrust the company as a major player in the local advertising industry.

OMP was a member of Optimum Media Directions (OMD), globally one of the largest media networks and the media arm of the Omnicom Group.  Being part of the Omnicom family, media assignments were inherent via creative agency DDB Philippines, which was likewise a member of the Omnicom Group.

In an industry where the trend was flowing towards female leadership, OMP set itself apart as it was led by president & CEO August C. Benitez, EVP & COO Ador Perez, VPs Resti Z. Reyes, Miko P. Salud, and Raymund de Vera, and AVP Erwin L. Villegas.  OMP's Chairman was Antonio Samson.

Overall, it was a nice reunion of
Nestlé falling back into a team which sported the edge of familiarity wrought from the days in AMA-DDB.


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