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Sue Ramirez: Her other side

Showbiz sweetheart Sue Ramirez talks personal style, beauty and keeping it real while growing up in the limelight

At 14 years old, Sue Ramirez tried her luck at Philippine show business. Five years after, what began as a means of paying off her family’s medical bills has become a ticket to primetime roles and online fame (just ask her combined online following of 2.4 million strong). The 19 going on 20-year-old is earning her stripes and stealing hearts as one of local television’s new darlings. In this shoot, we showcase two aspects of Sue’s personality—the tomboy and the sweet girl.


Armed with an easygoing personality and a positive mindset, Sue makes growing up in the public eye look easy. While the actress straddles the line between her teens and adulthood, she lightheartedly jokes, “ I haven’t changed [since entering the industry].” After a chat with the young star and a quick scroll through her double-tap worthy Instagram posts, we begin to get wind of what she means. While glitz, glamor and professional glam teams go hand-in-hand with her career, Sue admits to remaining boyish and a child at heart.

Despite her happy-go-lucky outlook, Sue possesses an iron will to work. “I take the art of acting more seriously now,” she shares. Ready for action even after wrapping up taping in the wee hours of the morning, —the actress didn’t sleep for fear of arriving late for our saturday morning shoot. With laughter lacing her voice, she humorously reveals the mantra that fuels her hustle, “Maraming pahinga sa next life, so work, work, work muna.”


With a packed schedule and an eye for style, it’s no surprise that the young celebrity has a fair share of fool-proof closet essentials to fall back on. Gravitating towards a Cali-cool kind of casual, Sue builds her outfits on a foundation of ripped jeans, white shirts and pristine sneakers. A spur-of-the-moment dresser, her day-to-day ensembles are affected by three factors: her mood, the weather and her style heroes, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner.

While her default get-ups strike a balance between chic and comfortable, Sue is a sartorial daredevil in her own right. Tackling fashion and her acting career with the same valiance, she chooses not to close any doors and jumps at opportunities to challenge new trends. A beacon of staying true to oneself, Sue’s ultimate style tip has little to do with keeping up appearances. “It doesn’t matter how weird you look,” she says firmly. “Just as long as you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, it doesn’t matter what other people think.”

Approaching beauty with a similar mentality, Sue refuses to confine herself to a single aesthetic. While drawn-in brows, a coat of mascara and a swipe of tint compose her on-the-go look, the smokey eyes and gradient lips that pepper her Instagram grid are results of trial and error with makeup artists. Constant experimentation and an open mind have not only helped Sue find which trends work in her favor, but have also taught her to look beyond labels. “Beauty is not about the brand name. Piliin mo kung saan ka comfortable or whatever suits your skin type.”


As her twentieth birthday draws nearer, Sue remains bright-eyed and resilient. While the actress remains tight-lipped about her upcoming projects and the photo she shared of herself in a dimly lit recording studio, something tells us it won’t be long until Sue Ramirez is the name on everyone’s lips.

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