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Will Starcom Approach White Dwarf Status?

From the sidelines, we feel a strange silence emanating from the floors of the Enterprise Tower where Starcom is quartered.  People are abuzz, there is friendly banter between planners and suppliers, and work does go on.  There is however a sense of suspended animation in between. 

Media agency people know that eerie feeling when an agency loses a pitch.  News is broken first in the inner sanctum of the agency head's office, and then it slowly trickles out in hush tones all the way to Kuya Guard at the reception area via dumbfounded whispers, "We lost." or "We lost?", a la 'Pass the Message' game fashion.

That's normal in the life of an agency.  We win some and we lose some.  Only this time the suspended animation seems to be sustained. It's as if someone banged on the keys of the piano and then stepped on the sustain pedal. 

Word has gotten around that CEO Leah has moved on and is back home.  Hot on the heels after her moving, Starcom handed over the prized Unilab account to Mediacom in a multi-agency pitch.  Add to that a few resignations here and there, it brings the remnants of the Starcom force wonder, "Is our Star approaching white dwarf status?".

In the life of a star, a star shines its brightest before it goes out in white dwarf stage.  That stage takes place quite awhile though, like a few million years.  So that means Starcom is safe.  Time is on Starcom's side.  In the meantime Publicis CEO Jennifer Santos will have to take on new "Mother" roles.

Erratum : I have rectified the statement in the first post which stated that CEO Leah's moving was hot on the heels after the pitch for Unilab.  I have edited this as CEO Leah moved on before the pitch and was not in anyway involved with the Unilab bid.  Mea culpa.  Sincerest apologies.

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