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Of Brushes and Palettes: How to be pak ganern like Mamshie Misyel

If you’re someone who loves makeup, fashion, and everything else in between, there’s no way you wouldn’t know 25-year old Ilocana makeup guru Michelle Dy – one of today’s renowned Pinay YouTubers. People like her have utilized YouTube as an avenue for their passion. With her, it’s makeup. In her recent vlog “BE a YouTuber LIKE ME”, she tells her story on how she landed on YouTube and how it became her career.


Michelle is a self-proclaimed maarte. Back in college, her friends noticed her enthusiasm for makeup and fashion – that paved her way to YouTube. In the video, she said that it was her friends who pushed her to do a makeup tutorial “so that her kaartehan will have its purpose”, they said.

In her first video which is a makeup tutorial on smokey eyes, uploaded on March 27, 2011, it is evident that Michelle had humble beginnings. She did not have proper lightings back then. She only used her lampshade when she recorded herself that’s why she appeared orange-ish. Owning a low quality digital camera, her first videos were not at their best. With that, she confessed that it was definitely not easy. It took her blood and sweat for her to reach where she is now.


When asked how YouTube has changed her life, Michelle’s answer was a resounding “BIG TIME”. She said that through YouTube, she met a lot of new people and friends. She now has fans whom she calls her angels, her army.

She treats this as her career. It was through YouTube that she was able to earn and save money. It has opened a lot of opportunities for her. She even has her own eyeshadow palette and brush set by a local makeup brand. Not to mention all the free makeup, clothes, and other packages she receives almost everyday!


The moment Michelle gained followers, she knew that she was also about to gain bashers. She views them as people who are inevitable in social media. But, that’s only one among the things which troubled her as a YouTuber. She said that there are times when she’s just burned out and lazy, and this serves as a barrier for her to create videos. Michelle believes that it is nothing but normal for people to get tired. 


The makeup guru is not always as confident as she appears on our screens. She revealed that often times, she asks herself “Kaya ko ba?” (Can I do it?). She further revealed that there are NO SCRIPTS prepared when she records herself; this makes her feel nervous and have hesitations.


Having almost 200,000 subscribers and more than 18 million views on YouTube, Michelle said that she is proud of herself. “Makeup Serye” is what she’s most proud of. It is a series of makeup tutorials of different characters/personalities played by herself such as Mica/Mic – the sosyalera (rich kid), Mimi – the pasosyal (social climber), Michico – the baklang babae (gay girl), Mitoy – the tomboy (lesbian), and Mimay – the yaya (maid). She said that when she brought Makeup Serye to life, that’s the time when she was able to tell herself “Ah kaya ko pala”. Makeup Serye is Michelle’s way of giving back to her fans and it sure is a hit to the Angels.


If you want to be like the Michelle Dy, she has two words for you: START NOW. She wants people to realize that it’s a step-by-step process. For aspiring YouTubers or anyone who wants to reach their goals, Michelle emphasizes the power of resourcefulness. “Start with what you have”, she said. “You will feel that it’s more worth it when you worked hard for it.” she added. She considers three things that are essential in reaching one’s goals – passion, hard work, and determination.

Michelle Dy has been in the industry for five years now. She calls hers as a lucrative job; but, she seems to be having fun with it. YouTube has brought her places. She now gets to see the beauty of the world all because of that Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial in her old apartment. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need to use a lampshade and a low quality digital camera anymore. She now has her own makeup studio in their family house in Bangui, Ilocos Norte where she stores her makeup collection that all makeup enthusiasts must be dreaming of.

Although she appears to be having all the best things life has to offer, Michelle remains down to earth. She reaches out to her fans through her social media accounts and regards them as her own friends. She continues to inspire people of all ages from all walks of life through her vlogs.

Michelle is the only Filipina who’s part of ICON Asia (handpicked by Michelle Phan herself). She’s also part of the Maybelline Face Council alongside Georgina Wilson, Robbie Pinera and more. With these achievements, she was nominated as one of the Top Beauty Influencers in Southeast Asia by Influence Asia.

At present, Michelle is Colourette’s Glambassadress and Casio Exilim Ph Selfie Queen. At the same time, she has endorsements for brands such as Palmolive, Cetaphil, Maybelline, Benefit, and Smart.

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