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The New It Girl: Lauren Reid

She walks into the studio in a white tank top, jeans, and a baseball cap, with no makeup on, but her understated style does nothing to conceal her charm. She would easily turn heads—twice.

We watch Lauren Reid as she strikes pose after pose, looking so comfortable in front of the camera, as if she’d been doing it forever. She hasn’t. The 23-year-old Fil-Aussie beauty has always regarded showbiz as “certainly enticing,” but she never imagined she would end up being in the middle of it. “It never seemed practical or realistic to me,” she says. Well, it couldn’t be more real now, what with all the fuss surrounding her as we shoot her for our cover.

Lauren is still getting used to all the attention and everything that comes with being a celebrity, but it’s a good thing she had quite a preview of the life in the limelight, being James Reid’s half sister. She and James share a close relationship—he was the one who always pushed her to give showbiz a shot. She’s never really short of showbiz advice but still, she admits she’s still discovering a lot of things about the glitzy world of entertainment.

Like how busy it gets doing the kind of work that she does, for instance. “Work is often a whole day affair!” she exclaims. “I’m not swamped every minute of the day, but definitely much busier than before I joined showbiz.” Not that she’s complaining. Lauren finds herself having fun with all the new experiences she’s getting from this new adventure.

But no matter how hectic her schedule gets, she makes sure she takes care of herself. A health buff, Lauren usually spends her days off in the gym. “I like being out of the house, and if I’m in a place that promotes health and wellness then perfect,” she says. As for her her diet? “Whole, simple unprocessed foods.”

Lauren describes her personal style as “simple, comfortable, and practical,” with denim jeans, cropped tops, body suits, sneakers, and sandals as her wardrobe staples. But she definitely wouldn’t mind a wardrobe makeover. “Actually, if you wanted to scrap my closet for a new one I’d be all for it! Change is good,” she says.
And like every other girl, well, she’s crazy for shoes. As a matter of fact, if there’s one thing she would steal from her brother’s on-screen and real-life girlfriend Nadine’s closet, it’s “Hands down, her shoes,” she says in a heart beat. “And not one, but all!”

Her brother’s clothes are not out of the question either, because she gets to raid his closet, too. “The denim jacket I am probably seen wearing a lot was a joint purchase between us two,” she reveals. Okay, she’s part owner, but you see, “Now it lives in my closet. Or on my back,” she laughs.

James shouldn’t feel so bad. Their dad had to share his clothes with Lauren, too. While little girls went through their mothers’ wardrobe, trying on their dresses and jewelry to play dress-up, Lauren was styling herself using her dad’s clothes. “I went through a phase when I was young where I wore my fathers tops as dresses and his ties as belts and headbands.” She admits it wasn’t her best look, but at least she wasn’t wearing neon. “I strongly believe no one should ever wear fluorescent clothing. Ever.” That’s one fashion advice worth pondering over, but if you think that’s all the words of wisdom she has for all of us, think again. Because then she adds with a laugh, “Blue and green must never be seen.”

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