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Maine and Alden’s sun-kissed Morocco shoot feels like a decade ago already! Now that the JaDine issue has been launched (like a rocket, might we say), it’s time for the October issue!

The anticipation for #MEGANationwithAlDub blew up social media–everybody’s been waiting for the covers, and finally, ladies and gentlemen, here they are.

The MEGA solo cover that will hit the shelves

This October marks the much-anticipated return of the MEGA’s Big Beauty Awards, which feels like fate for our cover girl. Maine is the poster-child for the blooming belle–her transformation from an unknown wacky girl to a superstar had the entire nation in awe. It’s the year’s biggest beauty issue, and she’s the Maine event. She’s ready, and so are we.

Grab your print copy of MEGA at National Bookstore and CV Magazine Landmark starting October 8, 2016.

Alden Richards’s MEGA MAN cover that will hit the shelves

Like a movie star from the golden age, our unassuming main man lounges in the dry, dusty deserts of Morocco in gorgeous sepia tones and vintage glamour. If that’s not enough to get you dreaming, this issue of MEGA MAN is giving you an exclusive with fashion’s golden boy, the young-Leo-DiCaprio-doppelganger Lucky Blue Smith.

Digital copies of MEGA Man will be available via Magzter starting October 5, 2016. Find your print copy with MEGA in National Bookstore and CV Magazine Landmark starting October 8, 2016.

Maine Mendoza’s cover for the digital issue

There are just some cities, like Casablanca and Marrakesh, that need to be experienced to be appreciated. Just as there are some people, like Maine Mendoza, that need to be revealed in all her unabashed rawness to be truly appreciated. And MEGA is giving you that pleasure.

Download your digital copy of MEGA through Magzter starting October 5, 2016, 12:00PM.

BUT WAIT–there’s more. Keep your breath baited for the fourth one–MEGA’s first ever cover of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards together! Race you to the newsstands?

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