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AXN's The Amazing Race Asia collaborates with Grab

AXN-Asia, for the first time, has collaborated with a ride-hailing company for their TV show The Amazing Race Asia.

For the fifth season of The Amazing Race Asia, 11 teams will travel to multiple countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines. The racers will use Grab ride services for their land transportations – making their journey easier and safer. 

To promote The Amazing Race Asia Season 5, Grab uses social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) for their campaigns throughout the show. Likewise, it has produced a TV commercial focused on traveling which airs with the show. 

Watch it here:

As of episode 8, it is already down to 3 teams – Yvonne and Chloe from Malaysia, Parul and Maggie, and Eric and Rona, both from Philippines. The first team to arrive at the Samuan Tiga Temple, the final destination, will be declared the winner and will take home US$100,000. 

Don’t miss the last episode which airs on December 15 at 9pm on AXN Asia Cable Channel.

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