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Local TV networks are doing it again!

It is observed that TV networks have been constantly doing remakes of their previous shows. This strategy is deemed effective to entice more viewers.

To name a few, Mara Clara, Mula Sa Puso, Panday, Flordeluna, and Annaliza are some of the successful comebacks in Philippine television. 

This 2016, this strategy is prevalent again in local TV networks with the comeback of Pangako Sa’yo, Ang Probinsyano, and Encantadia which are consistently on top of the ratings.

While it is safe to say that most of these remakes became a hit and earned several viewers, the fact is still undeniable that not all of them became as successful as the original ones. These revivals also gave the viewers enough reason to compare as some would say that the new characters failed to give justice to the original roles.

“Should we stop making remakes” is still an ongoing debate. Some would say that it is pointless to watch something that you already know what will happen next. Some would also argue that the people behind the camera aren’t trying to make art anymore. Rather, they just use up all the advantages that remakes can bring them.

Still, Filipinos are always into bringing back old ideas and this is the reason why TV show revivals are always a hit in local television.

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