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Facebook's Asia Hiring Strategy

Just seven years after being founded in a Harvard college dorm room, Facebook now has grown to over 500 million users across every corner of the globe and close to 2000 employees on almost every continent.

However, in order to keep building high quality products and support a rapidly growing network of users, advertisers and developers, one of our most important things we can do is hiring high performing teams to support this growth.

Our continued success depends on our ability to scale. To do it, we look for the talented people that want to be part of something huge and who are looking for the opportunity to have unprecedented impact on something larger than themselves.

Facebook has changed the way millions of people connect and share, and because of our relatively small company size, each individual we hire has the potential for unparalleled impact (10-30x that of other technology companies). In engineering for example, there are over one million users for every engineer we have. This level of impact only gets larger in other parts of the business. So whether you work in Sales, Ad Operations, Finance, or HR – you will be expected to improve the tools and create solutions that impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Some of the most exciting growth and hiring we’re doing right now is throughout our emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Our goal is to hire diverse talent that represents the region and gives us a better understanding of the users and brands that are helping Facebook emerge a social media leader throughout Asia.

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