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Vacation Ideas for Summer 2011 Part 2 - Alubihod Beach, Guimaras Island

Don't let the rain and the cold midday atmosphere fool you. We are well into summer, even if the weather seems to be protesting against it.

Summer. That word seems to bring forth thoughts of barkada trips to Baguio, Tagaytay and the different beaches that dot our country. But if you're from Luzon, the first two areas we've mentioned may be getting a little trite in your vacation fare. That's why we're suggesting a few new places to explore.

If you're in the Visayas, Boracay and Cebu's resorts may be getting a little boring as well, so maybe it's time to think about a few alternatives.

So, for the work-weary Media Planner, AE, media sales rep, no matter what the field, here are our vacation ideas Part 2.

For those in Luzon, here are some areas in the Visayas that you may want to think about going to:

Guimaras Island is home to the Trappist Monastery, which produces great mango and cashew products. The area is a serene place to head for during the Holy Week. If you're into reflection and thinking about where your life is at, or taking stock of where you're headed for, the Trappist Monastery may be a great place to have your moment of reflection.

Guimaras is also home to several amazing and affordable beaches. Alubihod Beach, for one, is definitely not Boracay, but it's halfway there. If you're on a shoestring budget, the beautiful rock formations and fine pebble shore will be well worth the substitute. Alubihod Beach itself is pretty, with coves dotted with intricate rock forms. Don't expect the powder-fine sands of Boracay; instead of that, there are cream-colored micro pebbles. They're not small enough to be called "sand," and not big enough to be called "pebbles" either. With cottages that cost anywhere from Php 200 to Php 500, you and your barkada can have a day's worth of frolicking in Alubihod Beach. The resorts in Alubihod serve food which can save you the trouble of packing and preparing your meals. If you want to save, however, there are cookware and utensils that you can rent from the resorts there.

On the other hand, if you want to stay the night (or a few) in Alubihod, you may also rent cottages there. The prices range from Php 500 to Php 1000 a room.

There are other places in Guimaras that may fill a travel buff's need for adventure. Just watch out for the future installments of our Vacation 2011 series for more travel ideas this Summer 2011!

If you missed the first part of the series, here is Vacation Ideas for Summer 2011 Part 1.

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