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What Sets A Media Planner Apart From The Courier?

There are authors and there are writers. An author has something to say that needs to be said, but they may need writers to help them say it. They only write on the subject they are passionate about. A writer, on the other hand, can write about any topic. He or she enjoys the technical skill of communicating through the written word. -Os Hillman, The Upside of Adversity

This quote has been making the rounds in my thoughts for the past few weeks. I came across this through the book The Upside of Adversity, which lets you understand why adversity is given to you for a reason. While this quote discusses the difference between two subjects of equal importance, the author and the writer, for this article, I'd still like to compare and contrast a couple of things. However, it's not a choice between two good things. It's a choice between a Good Thing and a Bad Thing.

It's a showdown between Mediocrity and Excellence.

Excellence in one's realm of influence is defined at being efficient in what you do, while being very effective in it. Producing work that has Quantity with Quality. Not sacrificing the either. Meeting expectations, even exceeding them. Or simply being the best in what you do.

However, it's not easy delineating the state of being a regular employee from being the kick-butt, sought-after Media Planner in the field. It's easy to slide into mediocrity when you get tired, when you get burned out. But while you still have the wind to fly, soaring is easy. So how do you maintain a spirit of excellence in what you do? Well, here are our thoughts on that:

Attempt to voraciously learn about everything that your field is about. Being a Media Planner is not easy. You have to have the strategic mindset to understand where your clients' ads should go. On the other hand, you also have to have the finesse and charisma of a seasoned salesperson, in order to deal with your clients well and keep them happy. That is why you need to understand the ins and outs of your field. Just knowing how to do your job isn't enough. The company you work for should have just hired a courier if they wanted someone to just submit the ads to some random billboard company or newspaper. If you want to become the among top Media Planners in your area, you would have to learn how to win friends and influence people, how to strategically position your clients' ads and brand, as well as how to be personally excellent in your work ethics. You don't have to be Superman or Wonder Woman to pull it off, just be willing to learn. Read up about your job and how to go about it, and approach your tasks almost as if you're trying to save a life. Most importantly, learn from the older folk who've gone ahead of you.

While a lot of naysayers don't like the thought of working as if you're doing brain surgery, don't listen to them. Your job is important, and you have to approach it with excellence, at the very least. While you shouldn't be obnoxious about what you do, approaching your tasks with the best of what you can bring to the table will bring your company the results they want, then catapult you to the next stage in your career. Who wins, when you stop listening to the nega people? Not the naysayers. When you learn to tune out the crabs, YOU win.

The bottom line is, being passionate about what you do sets you apart from the crowd. It causes people to sit up and take notice. It gives you the needed street cred to push you to your next level. Most importantly, it brings your company, and ultimately, YOU, the results you've wanted.

So stay passionate, stay hungry to know and do more, and most of all, be consistent with your excellence. Enjoy the weekend!

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