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Financial Literacy: The Final Say

After we've analyzed both Robert Kiyosaki's and Dave Ramsey's financial paradigms, it's time to weigh in.

Frankly, I don't want to take just one side and stick to it. I actually prefer using both methods into my journey towards financial freedom.

For me, this will be how it will work out:

  1. Follow Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps.
  2. When I get financially free, invest first in mutual funds. Some for retirement, others for capital.
  3. When passive income dividends have gotten to critical level and I can start using the ones intended for capital, build an active income stream (a.k.a. a business that needs me to work on it) and another passive income stream, but this time, in real estate. Like a rental business. For those of you who can make it work, flipping properties for a profit is still a very lucrative business.

I didn't have to subscribe to the teachings of just one guy. I used their philosophies in an evolving paradigm I will keep working on and fine-tuning.

I used Robert Kiyosaki's energy and verve to get me kick-started and inspired, and I will use Dave Ramsey's tried-and-tested system to get myself financially consistent and working at getting to financial freedom in a slow but sure pace. Passion and dynamism as momentum, and sensibility and practicality to keep me going: The best of both worlds.

The quest for financial freedom is not a religion. You don't have to be hyped up at the start with an inspiring paradigm only to burn out too fast, too soon. When in the quest of preparing for that pursuit, make sure that you're seeing things from different perspectives. Don't subscribe to a financial guru as if he were a cult leader. Don't drink the kool-aid. It will only make you thirsty. Understand that these guys have made mistakes too, and these books and teachings are the products of those mistakes. You don't have to lap up everything they dish out like a fangirl (or a fanboy).

Treat learning about how to figure out your road map to financial freedom as a buffet: take your favorites from different plates and tables, and make up your own meal. This way, you'll ensure that you only get the best of the best.

Here's to your financial freedom!

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