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Of Love And Wholeness: You First

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As working women, one of the major worries that nags at us is the concern of whether we'll get married. Though the current trend of women empowerment blares the mantra of "I don't need a man to truly live," somehow, if a woman is honest with herself, in the quietness of her heart, there is still a longing to love and be loved by a special person.

It doesn't help that the romantic comedies romanticize the idea of "the right man." And yet, with the history of men who have violated many a working woman's heart, the Hollywood lie couldn't be further from the truth.

A good number of working women, despite these hurts, still prefer to take a chance on love. Most women are very resilient, that despite being burned quite a number of times, they still choose to believe in love. Others, however, would rather slog through life believing that men are worthless dogs who don't deserve a minute of her time. Still others would rather form relationships with fellow women.

To each her own, that is what today's globalized culture dictates.

But if you're the type who still has faith in love, here are our suggestions on how you could keep your heart whole, even as you wait for the person to spend the rest of your life with.

1. Prioritize wholeness. First things first, become the right person that your right person would want to marry. I'm of the school of thought that does not believe in Hollywood's mantra that "If you love me, you won't want me to change." I subscribe to the belief that, "If you want to be able to coexist with other human beings, some negative traits have got to go."

Are you mean to waiters? Do salesladies come away from a transaction with you hating your guts? Just a thought, then: might you need an attitude check? The greatest people on earth are not those who have slapped the most waiters. They are those who have made waiters and salesladies feel that they, too, are worthwhile.

Do you believe in God? Then seek Him more. Ask Him if there are things in your life that you have to surrender. In the process of seeking God, He also makes you whole and complete.

We have two more points on the topic of wholeness and that journey of looking for Mr. Right in the next post.

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