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Someday Is A Curse Word

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If you're from the Bucket List school of thought, we suppose you're aware that one of the most popular to-do's for most people is to travel. Others would love to get to live near the beach, on an island paradise, or be able to just kick back, relax and sip margaritas and piña coladas the whole day long, even from the mundane comforts of one's back yard.

Such is the life that many a harried man, woman or media planner has dreamed of. So most of us slave with the burning desire to see that dream fulfilled... "Someday."

Someday should be considered a curse word.

See, it keeps us chasing an elusive goal: as we set aside money in pursuit of that "Someday," big setbacks get in the way. The rocks of debts, the boulders of illness, the mountains of crises and tragedy. As life throws one curveball after the other at us, that Someday becomes a shattered dream, a source of disillusionment.

So we're taking the case of Today. How about we endeavor to live our best life Today?

One lady that has truly inspired us is Jen Juan. Jen Juan, a.k.a. Sexy Nomad, has decided to live in Boracay for a month. So from March 26 up to April 26, 2011, she will be living in a hotel near the pristine sands of the beach she has fallen in love with.

Most of us are so afraid of the unknown or the factors that "could" arise that we don't reach out for our dreams. But there are days when you really just have to throw caution to the wind. You can't afford to NOT reach out for your dreams. Especially if you realize that every single day that you live, you are one day closer to your death.

Okay, morbid.

But what if... You only have One Month To Live?

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Most people won't ever be diagnosed with terminal cancer. We get that. But what if you're one of the unlucky people who do get diagnosed with a critical or terminal illness? How would you choose to live, then?

Pastor and wife tandem Kerry and Chris Shook took the Christian world by storm when they published their book One Month To Live. The book is a delightful, exhilarating read. It challenges you to rearrange your attitudes and cause you to live a deliberate life.

The premise is this: if you had only 30 days left, would you waste it sweating the small stuff? Would you waste it being bitter? Would you waste it in a dead-end existence? Or would you choose to move aside the things that don't really matter and really, truly seize every moment and live it for what it's worth?

You don't have to move to an island in order to live more deliberately. Maybe all you really need to do is to shrug off that office gossip and stop playing with the people who are snaring you to dabble in office politics. Maybe all you really need to do is to let go of bitterness and desire to truly function and be excellent in your work. Maybe all you really need to do is to chase after sunsets, have more coffee savored on the doorstep as you stare at the swaying leaves of the trees in a nearby lot. Maybe all you really need to do is to notice the flowers you pass by... Or smile more often.

Making little adjustments in order to seize the day isn't a big feat, but it's the type of thing that you could do which could create a ripple effect of beauty and happiness in your life. So don't hinge your joy and happiness on that elusive wraith named Someday. Crucify her and live TODAY.

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