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Boracay Vacation Tips: Things You Should Do To Protect Yourself

Boracay Island is the prime destination for yuppies, families, and people from all over the world. Its beauty has captivated many, and despite the growing number of establishments that make the place look a little too crowded for comfort, its sands are still unparalleled and its blue waters lapping the shore still sing a serene song.

But there are things that mar this island paradise. Stomach troubles, for one, are a definite pain for the tourist. Nobody wants their vacations marred by a trip to the hospital (or island clinics) because of bad food or bad water ingested. Thus, we've prepared a checklist for those who are going on a trip to Boracay!

1. Drink only sealed and bottled water. Don't even think of having your water refilled at the local refilling station. A doctor friend who moonlights here has stated that their clinic has had patients treated for amoebiasis despite the fact that they only drink water from the refilling station. While there may be other factors, it is still better to be safe than sorry.

2. Since you're a tourist anyway, go the whole way and prepare for expensive eats. If you must save, save by eating at Andok's. While some carinderia establishments are definitely hygienic, it is better to be paranoid than sorry.

3. Take note of where the hospitals are. On Station 3, in Ambulong, several clinics are stationed along the road where Andok's, M. Lhuillier, De Rose of Boracay, and a host of houseware, mini-grocers and cellphone shops are. This area is near Abram's Spa, and at the end of its section (the reference point is towards the interior of Boracay) is the Erus Malls and Talipapa. In that area alone are at least three clinics, including Metropolitan Doctor's Clinic whose services you can count on when you face a medical emergency.

In between Station 2 and Station 1, just a little past Budget Mart, which is on the entrance of D'Mall, is the Boracay Lying-In Clinic. A little past that and a little past the Crystal Clear refilling station, in a building where the only other establishment is a bakery, another branch of Metropolitan Doctor's. Their doctors and staff are very accommodating and professional.

If you contract a serious disease that they cannot diagnose, don't think twice about going to Kalibo, especially to St. Gabriel's Hospital. This is the only hospital that's equipped with state of the art X-Rays, Ultrasound, and a growing collection of medical technology must-haves. Delaying a correct diagnosis may only delay your pain.

4. Little details that matter. Take Bonamine if you're making a land trip through Iloilo, Capiz and Aklan, and bring mosquito repellent and sunscreen. Both are highly essential for obvious reasons.

Don't be too paranoid as to keep yourself from enjoying Boracay Island. The point is that mishaps happen; you best be prepared for things that could arise. Just take the necessary precautions, keep a clear head in case things do arise, and enjoy!

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