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Idiots At Work: What To Do When Some People Seem To Be Inept

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Nobody likes it when one gets tied up and stuck on a task because of someone else's ineptitude. Everyone hates the Philippine Government exactly because it seems to be run by monkeys, pardon our critical stance. While there are patches of excellence here and there, the overwhelming experience of the government has been that of frustration and even a deep boiling rage at the employees' ineptitude. Documents get tied up for months, red tape keeps businesses from moving forward, among other debilitating delays because of this massive problem.

It's not only the government that suffers from the overpopulation of inept individuals. A good number of employees in other corporate settings also complain of an officemate or two who hold up their work because of the culprits' level of efficiency and effectivity, or the lack of these.

So how do you, as the frustrated party, deal with the hairball of people who don't do things as well as you expected?

1. How about holding your breath and choosing to be patient? What would you get when you rant and rave and kick and scream, anyway? Probably a weaker heart and thicker neck veins, but aside from that, there are no real benefits to giving in to the desire to rant and blow your top. Serenity is not achieved by feeding anger. It is achieved by actually working to neutralize it. Freud may have advocated catharsis, but in my observation, anger is self-feeding. Refuse to give an inch to anger, and you may find that you'll have an easier time achieving peace.

2. Understand that you may have your moments of ineptitude, too. Unless you're truly perfect, chances are, there were times when you've failed to deliver. There may have been times that you were downright deliberately inept as well. So don't think that the "other people" are the only ones capable of failure. You may have been just as guilty with other instances, and you just don't realize it.

3. Be the solution. Is there anything you can do to remedy the situation? Is there a task trade that you can probably exchange with your point person for? Understand that government employees are overworked and underpaid. Look for creative solutions to your need or situation, and you may well be able to cut through red tape. And no, we don't mean bribery.

There's no need to keep ranting and raving at other people's failures. Look for a chill, Zen way to look at things, and you'll find that your day ends more pleasantly.

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