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Industry Newbies Need Mentors

"Mentor Plants," get it? :p
In any industry, those who are just starting out sure need figurative road maps, flashlights and guideposts to let them find their footing. It is no different in the advertising industry, where the waters are far more competitive than other fields.

It is no secret that the advertising industry, to an outsider, looks very glamorous. It is like the parallel of The Devil Wears Prada or Confessions Of A Shopaholic. No doubt, there is glam, there is prestige, and it is a very sophisticated terrain.

To a fresh graduate stepping into a Media Planner job, the veterans of the industry may well be unreachable, intimidating stars. These, to a young 'un, may seem to be über-busy Zara-clad grouches who have no time to show them the ropes.

However, one thing remains true: unless the industry's stalwarts teach the incoming Media Planners how to do their job and do their jobs well, this industry may well just be getting a crop of weekend-hungry mediocres who are no better than call center agents.

Do you want the newbies to do their part in the chain of command well? Then mentor them. Mentor them properly. Don't just criticize them for being mousy wallflowers who don't know their way during events. Show them the ropes. Teach them. Bring them along for exposure. Carve out time to mentor. In the long run, this small investment in time will pay off: In an efficient delivery of tasks, a smooth-churning cog in a fast-paced system, and an unbroken chain of command.

Take a newbie under your wing today.


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