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Post-Valentine's Special: A Balanced Family For The Media Planner

The past two special features we had about how to improve the Pinay Media Planner's lovelife and life in general won't be complete without this last one. So even though it's already three days past Valentine's Day, we conclude the Valentine's 2012 Series with this post.

For the Family-Oriented Pinay Media Planner:

Relationships Over Productivity. We are happy when you've overachieved. We here at Pinay Media Planner are happy when you're happy. We're happy when your clients are happy. We are elated when you're on a high. But what use would be garnering your client an extra Php 2M in sales thanks to a strategic slot on EDSA --- if, sadly, your family has crumbled? If your kids barely know you and your staff thinks you're a jerk? Well, behind your back, of course.

Thus, when push comes to shove, make every decision with the feelings of the people involved in mind. Is it worth it saying those angry words that are bubbling up at the moment? Or would biting your tongue be a wiser choice in the long run? Crucial relationships get saved when they're prioritized over targets hit.

Family Over Targets. Again, what use are consistent overachieving marks in sales thanks to strategic advertising when you have nothing to come home to? Thus, make sure that your weekends are blocked out for your fam, that you are there to participate in your children's growth, and that you and your spouse have a healthy, vibrant relationship.

It may be so tempting to say "YES" to all those invites, but it won't hurt to say "No," or at least send proxies to half of them. Try to afford to.

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff. Some things are really best left ignored, or put on Pause. Not everything deserves your attention, not everything needs to be chased after. Sift through the decisions using the First Things First Matrix by Covey, Roger and Merrill:

This way, you toss the trash out, delegate or commute the nitty-gritties, and focus only on what's truly important, or what's urgent and important.

Life does not have to be a jumbled heap of confusing and chaotic things. Leave the chaos in EDSA, keep them billboards up there; work on and succeed in letting your life fall into place.

Hope you enjoyed this series everyone!


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