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AXN Networks Philippines, Inc. Adopts TVCXpress Digital Transmission Technology

In a world where data is transmitted at almost the speed of light, would you rather go with "traditional ways" and stick to what's "tried and true," simply because it's "worked for decades"?

For some things, possibly, like the way cocoa tablea is traditionally prepared, the traditional methods may always be the best. These things require "ritual," and the ornate flavor of ways that have held for centuries. But for things like data transmission and communication, adapting to the changes, especially in methods and technology, is a "best practice" move.

In light of the need to transmit data, communications and media on the fly, AXN Networks Philippines, Inc. is now going tapeless and will be adapting the TVCXpress digital transmission solution for its commercials. They have requested that advertisers' inform their partner creative agencies and post-production houses to include AXN in their TVCXpress arrangements.

This way, AXN seeks to ensure that deadlines are met and commercials will be released in a timely manner.

AXN Networks Philippines still accepts TVC materials in betacam tapes for non-TVCXpress clients, however.

For commercials, AXN requests a 5 working day lead time, and this time frame still applies as the network transitions to the TVCXpress digital transmission process.

For more information about TVCXpress digital transmission solutions (for the passersby), here is a video about it:

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