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Here, Have A Cup Of Tea (Or Hot Cocoa)

It's the end of Monday once more, and you must be tired from the most hectic day of the week. Whether you're in advertising and media, in a BPO, in government, or in other sectors, the same is true for every worker across the board: the working grind could get so tedious, you just want to break out. Like what Natasha Bedingfield's video, Pocketful Of Sunshine, is showing:

Most of us in the corporate world sometimes feel so battered by the stresses of work: dealing with irate clients, hard-to-please bosses, difficult workmates and colleagues, among other things. At some point of all that, something's gonna give and someone may want to tear her hair and scream.

The thing is, unlike Natasha Bedingfield, 99% of us don't live a fairytale life. None of us could just drop everything and go to Palawan, Bohol, Sagada, Boracay, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, France, just like that. We need to file leaves, finish work before then, and, the killer, pay for the respite from work. While rest is definitely worth it, there is a price to pay.

So what does a harried employee, media planner, media buyer, call center agent, government employee, do?

Do one pleasurable thing every day.

It doesn't have to be all-out awesome to the point of ostentatious. All it needs to be is pleasurable.

One pleasurable activity that's common to most girls is pampering themselves. Be it a spa massage, foot spa, or a body scrub, girls love those beautifying and pampering rituals. The longer and more elaborate, the better. While higher-level media professionals certainly can afford a weekly, possibly even a twice-weekly spa, the starting media employees may not be able to. But bath/spa salts are pretty much affordable. And body wash is even more so. Thus, you can create your own spa ritual at home.

If you drink a lot of coffee, the coffee grounds can be saved and used with your favorite fragrant body wash. Make sure to refrigerate these, however, as these tend to spoil and develop mold at room temperature.

How to use coffee grounds as a body scrub agent: put a dollop (around an inch in diameter) of coffee grounds on your palm. Squeeze body wash onto it. Lather on your skin by hand, without gloves or cloth. That simple.

If you don't have an hour to spare for a long daily bath, try scrubbing your own feet with either spa salts or a body wash and coffee scrub mixture for fifteen minutes. The relaxation will help lift your spirits.

Note: Exfoliation is recommended only once or twice a week for colder climates; but in a tropical country, every other day is fine, because of dust buildup and because skin cells tend to grow faster in warmer temperatures.

After your home spa ritual, surround yourself with good, relaxing music, things like these:

And sip tea. It doesn't matter if you don't like tea. Just try sipping tea after a home spa ritual. The feeling may transport you.

If tea really isn't for you, try other warm drinks, like rich hot chocolate, hot milk, even coffee. And if you don't want to add drinks to the ritual, then sink into your bed with some relaxing music in your ears, whether by iPod (or mp3 player) or by stereo.

Having a home pampering ritual will serve to give you a regular dose of pleasure; the same kind that you'll get from the spa. These regular "doses" of feel-good moments takes the edge off of the working grind; from life, even. It rejuvenates you and helps you recover from the wear and tear of daily living. It's your escape from life. It may not be as fantastic as Natasha Bedingfield's escape, but it will revive you. Enjoy!

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