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OMG Philippines Comes Up With Media Factbook

The Omnicom Media Group Philippines' Media Factbook in three covers
"Knowledge is power," as they say, and this truth is felt more acutely in fields that leverage it most. Like advertising.

We media planners know the value of facts. With a few statistics, a bit of demographic data, some number-crunching and brow-furrowing, and we will be able to determine the best locations, the best ad placements, the best positioning and strategy for our clients in general.

And with that, Omnicom Media Group Philippines unveils its ultimate guide book to the Philippine advertising industry.

A resource that should find itself on a media planner's desk.

Proudly written and produced right here in the Philippines, this Media Factbook is OMG Philippines' way of sharing its expertise and knowledge to the movers and shakers (yes, including the newbies) of the Philippine advertising industry. It comes in three covers, each representing OMG's three media agencies: OMD, PHD and M2M.

Each Media Factbook contains basic but crucial facts about the Philippine archipelago, as well as statistics that may prove key to marketing decisions. Simplified graphs and tables that illustrate important data pertinent to TV, radio, print, cinema, and non-traditional advertising are also found in the book.

Given these details about the OMG Media Factbook, PHD Philippines’ GM, Mean Bernardo hopes that these books become an advertiser’s friend. Furthermore, she is optimistic that the Factbook would become something that advertising industry players can depend on; that it would become a resource or reference material of such great use.

M2M Philippines’ GM, Fen Marquez, also shares her vision for the Media Factbook: “We wanted the book to be as handy, fun, and as easy to read as a pocketbook. We wanted it to instantly answer some questions or aid in making important decisions.”

According to OMD Philippines’ GM Carla Cifra, more than their vision for the Media Factbook to be a great media planner resource, for each purchase of the book, OMG will donate the corresponding quantity bought to the buyer’s school of choice. This is OMG Philippines' simple way of showing support to future potential media practitioners.

Each OMG Philippines Media Factbook will retail for Php 1,300.

A crucial resource that belongs on a Pinay Media Planner's desk, grab a copy today.


For inquiries, you may contact the following:

OMD, Carol Alvarez (09209626462; 8898663 loc. 216; email: carol.alvarez@omd.com)
PHD, Sherwin Bautista (09178986264; 8137797 loc. 322; email: sherwin.bautista@phdnetwork.com)
M2M, Gilbert Vicente (09175790190; 8137797 loc. 332; email: gilbert.vicente@m2mmedia.com)

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