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Stuart Jamieson Of The Nielsen Company, New Zealand, Replaces Jay Bautista

February saw the resignation of well-loved industry pillar, Jay Bautista.

Not a few people felt the loss; for those who knew him well and worked closely with him, it was almost as if they would be missing a father. For those in the industry who knew him from a distance, his career move came as a shock still.

In light of the vacuum that the career move created, The Nielsen Company pulled in their Managing Director of New Zealand, Stuart Jamieson. Mr. Jamieson will be filling in the role that Mr. Jay Bautista left, effective immediately.

In his six-year tenure in New Zealand, Jamieson was able to lead the launch of several of the company’s crucial audience measurement and planning services:

  • A direct mail monitoring service in New Zealand
  • A cross-platform audience measurement and planning solution in New Zealand
  • Television audience measurement services in Papua New Guinea and Fiji

Prior to serving the Nielsen post in New Zealand, Stuart Jamieson had held various senior level sales and marketing posts within large FMCG and retail companies.

Jamieson has only been to the Philippines once, in 2005, but before accepting the role, he did research and worked on finding out everything that he could about these islands. Modern technology was a big help for him, he notes.

After learning all that, what does Stuart Jamieson think about the Philippine Islands, as a market?

"My immediate impression of the Philippines is that this is a market in which consumer behavior is rapidly evolving, primarily as a result of the up-take of new technology, expanding media platforms, and shifting media consumption habits."

That being said, what does Mr. Stuart Jamieson look forward to achieving in his new stint in The Nielsen Company, Philipines?
"I look forward to working closely with these clients to tap into Nielsen’s unique insights to help them understand what consumers watch, listen to, read and interact with, and how this links to what they buy." 

And how about his new team?
"The opportunity for me is to come into this market and guide the team. My role really is to really get the team integrating and talking to each other."

As they say, when one door closes, another one opens. In like manner, even as a great leader departs, another one should come in and fill his shoes. Looks like The Nielsen Company chose a similarly great leader to fill the hard-to-replace role that Mr. Jay Bautista had needed to leave.


Mr. Jay Bautista had retired from his 19-year career in The Nielsen Company to focus on his family and personal businesses, according to Mr. Stuart Jamieson.

Photo Credits: Adobo Magazine

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