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What A Pinay Media Planner Should Do In Case Of Fire

March is Fire Prevention Month. Yearly, even as fires ironically rage through different spots in the country, fire drills and fire prevention awareness campaigns and seminars are conducted. This doesn't stop fires from happening in these hot summer months, but these campaigns sure help individuals protect themselves from possible calamities.

So, what does a Pinay Media Planner do when a fire suddenly breaks out in her building?
  1. Stay calm. You won't be able to rush out of the building as soon as you can if you panic.
  2. Get only what is readily available in front of you and on your person as soon as you hear the fire alarm. If possible, keep your smartphone and important gadgets at hand. If it will take you more than a minute to pack all of your laptop's peripherals, forget the peripherals, just grab the laptop, close the lid and worry about the OS crash (if you're on Windows or Linux) later.
  3. Don't bother taking the elevator, take the stairs through the fire exit.
  4. If smoke is already filling the room and the building, crawl on the floor in order to stay out of the smoke and get to the nearest fire exit as soon as possible.
  5. If your clothes catch fire, roll on the floor/ground to put it out. If someone else's clothes catch fire, smother it with a thick piece of cloth, like a jacket, coat, or thick pashmina shawl. Hopefully, you'll need to do this when you're already outside the building.
Don't go back inside to rescue things. Not even when you feel like there's still time to do so. Memorize where the fire exits are, so that in a panic situation like this, you'll still be able to get yourself to safety.

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