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Why Carat Stands To Win With Dep De Pasion.

Carat recently took in Manuel "Dep" De Pasion as an Associate Digital Director and stands to win with this choice.  As it is, Dep De Pasion is a digital guy like no other.  Dep's career began in Out-Of-Home Media in UniversalMcCann's OOH unit way back a decade ago.  Highly adept in the nuances of the crazy and somewhat unregulated space of OOH media, Dep's familiarity with this arena will be an advantage to the Aegis owned agency.

How this works as a plus for Carat is that Dep can marry the verticals of digital and OOH for a seamless experience for the audience-consumer.  Most digital heads to this day still think of digital from the standpoint of mobile, tablet, and desktop, easily omitting Digital OOH from the equation.  For most agencies, digital is still traveling on two planes and not on three to include Digital Signage/DOOH.  Some are even still alien to the concept of "The New Tri-Media".  Dep as an addition to the digital strategy team can bring in the insight on digital signage whose rising popularity on EDSA and in the malls makes it an integral part of the media mix.

Congrats Carat!

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