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PMP Throwback Thursday : Mediacom wins P&G Philippines

Flashback 2009 - Procter and Gamble  (P&G) Philippines appointed Mediacom Philippines as its Agency of Record (AOR) for media planning, effective November 1, 2009. Mediacom, already did the media buying for P&G for 3 years.  

The move streamlined P&G's media operations, effectively consolidating all media agency responsibilities under a single agency unit.  The change was consistent with the global P&G thrust then to drive simplification and scale in our operations.

This move was one of the final blows to the dual-agency set-up whereby separate agencies handle media planning and media buying.

Mediacom is one of P&G’s key agency partners in the Asia region handling markets such as China, India, Australia, Korea and Japan.  As recently as November 2008, it won the planning business of three P&G brands in China.

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