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Zenith Optimedia Dials In Mark Chaves From Foreign Assignment

MAKATI, Philippines - Zenith Optimedia has dialed in a lifeline with Mark Chavez.  This is not to say that ZO is in dire straits at all.  It is obvious though that the Publicis shop will still have to beef up the big guns in view of where ZO was at when Venus Navalta took it to great heights.

There are still the remnant of ZO's hard hitters from the Venus team who keep the media agency going.  Nevertheless, an addition like Mark Chaves will surely help the agency run the distance so to speak.

Mark finds himself back in the place where he started after touring UM, Carat, and a string of foreign assignments.  Such experience will really help rein the latent talent of the young and upcoming set of media planners which ZO hired recently.

All the best to Mark Chaves and ZO!

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