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Hidden Advertising In Vlogs

Gone are the days when YouTube vlogging was only done for fun. Nowadays, people are taking it more seriously because they realized that they can make money out of it.

Vlogs, or video blogging, came about in the latter part of the year 2003. Early videos were only around 10 minutes long and were very raw. It has changed a lot over the years. The first vlogging personalities only had about 100,000 views at most; but today, YouTube videos can reach up to millions of views. The first vloggers used YouTube to connect to people. Before, it was more personal.

YouTube inventors seemed like they did not know what to do with it. They tried to sell it to dating sites and even eBay. However, when Google arrived, YouTube’s focus was shifted to profit-making. Vlogging as a job became first and being a hobby second.

Now, you might be asking “How did vlogging become a job?” or “Where’s the money coming from?”. There are actually a number of ways on how to earn through vlogging. Number one is viewership. Vloggers get paid by Youtube for a certain number of views and subscribers although it will take a lot of time especially for beginners. Number two is through advertisements. You know that annoying ad that plays whether you like it or not before the actual video you clicked appears? They get paid through that as well.

I’d say that the most obvious and successful one is through number three which is (drum roll please)… ADVERTISING! Vloggers today plug different products and brands in their videos without making it obvious that they are actually endorsing them. As a viewer, you would believe what they say just because they are vloggers. They are considered as celebrities – online celebrities. They even have fans like other public personalities. In effect, you, as a viewer, will buy a certain product because you saw it on someone’s vlog or because a vlogger said that “it’s their holy grail”. Right? It’s actually more time and money efficient for the brands to have vloggers as endorsers; and since ours is a digital age, vlogging is a very effective form of advertising today.

You see now? You can start a YouTube career and be an instant celebrity!

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