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Twitter leverages the resources of Ph agencies through #GoLive

Twitter’s #GoLive agency bootcamp has reached the Philippine soil.

The #GoLive bootcamp is part of Twitter Flight School program. Its mission is to help marketing and advertising agencies in their craft by building a deeper understanding of how Twitter works, and teaching how to use it to engage with consumers and be a part of live conversation.

#GoLive is an education program across Asia, including India, Indonesia and Singapore, that aims to assist the agencies and their clients through using Twitter’s live connection feature. The bootcamps will bring together Twitter almost 8,000 experts from research, product, and brand strategy that will undergo in intensive training programs. The trainings include new modules which focus on developing the skills of marketers in the field of advertising, particularly on upgrading their strategies on content advertising by using Twitter features (Twitter Amplify, Twitter Ads, and TV campaign with Twitter integration).

According to Twitter’s Head of Agency Development, APAC and MENA Simon Brockman, the digital space moves at lightning speed and change is the only constant. Agencies know of Twitter, but not many know how best to leverage our latest tools in a way that adds value for their clients. To help increase the understanding of our platform as the industry evolves, we are working to engage more with marketers around the world so that they and their clients can use Twitter more effectively to reach and engage their target customers.

#GoLive bootcamps will start this week. To know the details of registration, visit their website https://twitterflightschool.com/login.

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